Sparkles glitter paint

Glitter paint.

Add sparkle effect to any room with this simple and cost effective glitter effect paint, very easy to use simply paint over the colour of your choice and leave the paint to dry, the paint dries totally clear all that is visible is the sparkle colour.

Gold sparkle paint

Sparkles paint is available in a huge range of sparkle colours to complement any room in the home and help to create many projects from the star or night effect to the sparkly princess room for the kids bedrooms, chimney breasts and sparkly ceilings. Rest assured this paint is non-toxic and is totally safe and scent free, perfect for bedrooms of children.

Silver Glitter paint Is our most popular shade, very universal and will complement most colours in your home.

Gold Sparkle paint Is ideal for the cream and brown tones common in most living areas.

Black Glitter paint Is most suited to covering darker colours and gives a superb effect when the light is caught.

Blue and Purple Sparkle paints Are perfect for bathrooms or any room that wishes to give add sparkle to the beach or water theme.

Rose and Pink glitter paint Are a dream for any little girls bedroom (however old they claim to be!) used along side cartoon character transfers or wallpaper.

Opal and the Disco Sparkle paint Ranges are designed to stand out and create talking points where ever used, these unique colours can be used in any room and create dazzling effects to interior walls and ceilings throughout the home.

Sparkles glitter paint.

  • Non toxic water based formula.Sparkle Glitter paint
  • Easy to use.
  • Dries totally clear leaving sparkle effect.
  • Available in large 1LTR tins.
  • Covers existing paint or wallpaper.
  • Mould resistant perfect for bathrooms.
  • Huge effects possible when using spotlights or downlights in kitchens.

For more ideas on how you would like to use our glitter paints please have a look around the hundreds of photos on this site and follow us on all social media for more updates.


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